About Us
Surtreat Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Surtreat Solution specialized in PVD Coating services.

A company that takes care of their many customers with passion for the very best quality, we has been consistent in delivering a high value to our business partners and stakeholders
specializing in Surface Engineering, Metallurgy and Heat Treatment in adding value towards to our customers.

To become the long term choices in mind of partnership in their important supply chain is our job number 1. We are committed to innovate and incorporate the latest improved technology in provision the best effective deliveryto our customer in maximizing their return of investment.

In manufacturing, maintaining tooling performances has always been a challenge especially the common wear & tear issue and downtime moment due to service maintenance.

We understandand we hear our customer tooling challenges all the time. That allow us to better tailor an effective solution for different spec and needs of each service request. Our surface engineering solution is a promise to enhance the tools performance in prolonging services life span.

With a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art production facility, we provide one stop service surface repair + PVD coating in our surface solutionwith first class technical support in meeting today’s stringent industrial manufacturing standards as we always believe sales and service always come together as one.

To continue the innovation of our promises, we are tying the manufacturing and the coating process in partnership with Pentagon Coating Technologies. Surtreat Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd as a strong pillar of support in sales and marketing presence in southern part of Malaysia, Singapore and Batam.


We want to make every enterprise that chooses our services raise to the top of their industry, by developing and innovating technology, products and services that help sustain and protect our environment, with the commitment to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and success. 


Our vision is to gain local and global recognition for being the most reliable and affordable provider of surface engineering solutions while leveraging the latest technologies. 

Core Value

Continuous Innovation
Surtreat Solutions aim to continuously develop innovative surface engineering solutions using the most sophisticated technologies. We are committed to testing on the material to bring the best results while taking into account durability among other requirements. We strive to create value for our clients by providing meaningful solutions.
Quality and Excellence
Our number one priority is to deliver premium quality solutions. We strive to use the latest technology. We work to exceed our customer expectations by providing solutions that deliver value in their endeavours.   
We manage to maintain mutual and enduring relationships with everyone by being consistent with our promises. We are readily available to attend to our customers’ needs and preferences. 
We are an impartial and transparent company. We strive to respect everyone and remain honest in our promises. Everyone, from our suppliers to our employees, adheres to the Highest Ethical Standards. Our success formula is to be dependable and trustable. 
We are committed to understanding our customers’ goals and aspirations, to create value and to deliver exceptional service, through innovative solutions from our support in every way.
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